Chanda Mbao and Gang dont Deserve international Airplay

Renowned music Disc Jockey Mulambo Mweembe popularly known as DJ Gwaz has pointed out on issues surrounding the music industry.

“Its very unfortunate in the clubs where we play music every week 7/7 days no one comes to ask for music of bene Chanda Mbao but due to the fact that the industry is very corrupt and the corruption itself has been made in form of regulations disadvantaging pure talented artists who are not connected to TV personalities is a big problem.

For example T-sean and Tbwoy  “don’t lead me on” deserves massive airplay internationally because home here its one club anthem, but unfortunately if you tune in to Zambezi magic or Trace Africa you find songs on the top 10’s of artists you have never seen or even heard of.

Sometimes you even wonder if they are Zambians. Making matters worse the rich kids like Swish the boy can’t rap I don’t know who keeps deceiving him that he is good, but truth be told his songs playing on Channel O makes Zambia look like it has no established talented rappers or musicians in general. Am neither hating nor shading anyone am basically pointing out the truth…..

Just Hope Zambezi magic and other local station put certain considerations before airing a song cause corrupt Radio and TV personalities are the reason why zed music is stagnant.

-DJ Gwaz

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