Macky 2 is a Living Legend

Its so shocking how some Zambians from different sectors try so hard to degrade Mark Mulaza Kaira popularly known by stage name Mk Macky 2. Macky 2 begun his music outburst based on controversy and bad boy type of representation.

He feuded with former rival Slap dee, dropping hit song after hit song their feud led to the division of the country into two major camps the Xyz and kopala devisions. Different fan interpretations of who won the feud depends on which fan one is asking.

Macky 2 has however, switched a bit in style and music which has left a lot of day one fans displeased due to the fact that he is no longer displaying the bad boy character “Mupondo”.

However, Macky is a legend because he is the only artist whose music is now pure Zambian. Meaning of pure Zambian implies he uses beats from within our local genres unlike most of the Zambian artists who steal Nigerian Afro pop beats.

Macky 2 is trying so hard to put Zed on the map by bringing the original flavour of Zambian music. Some people despise his style saying his much into “Dunka” beats but really his doing more good than harm cause Dunka dunka beats are what defines Zambian music, unlike today’s trap beats etc.

Macky 2 has entertained us for many years now, he deserves some juice and some respect to his name.

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